Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is a story for you to read.
Chapter 1
there once was a boy who was named Steven. He was taller than his mom and he was only 9. He lived in big house in Los Angeles. He didn't like living there there were to many people and the air was always brown. So He decided that when he turned 10 he was going to move away. Until then, he promised his mom that he would stay in LA. Fortunately for Steven, his birthday was in 6 days. Steven had his entire trip planned out. First he would go down to the very bottom of California and travel along the Rio Grande all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Once he got to Florida he would find a job. He wanted a job like his fathers. His father was a software engineer. Whenever Steven would go to visit his father at his work, he would help. His Father always told him that he was a good software engineer, but, between you and me, I think that he would be awful software engineer.
Steven's friends told him that Florida is like Southern California. They said that it has really nice weather and the air isn't brown. Steven had never been there so he didn't really know.
When Steven was younger his parents took him to Hawaii. He was only 4 so he didn't remember very much of it. The only thing he could remember is the hotel that they stayed in. The foyer didn't have any doors! It was just open. Steven loved how he could just walk out of the hotel and right on to the beach. In LA his mom had to drive him to the beach.
Steven's school was 8 blocks from his house. I was a big school. Steven hated it because there were too many people there. He had a lot of friends, but every time the bully picked on him they would run away. Steven was never afraid though. He was strong and he never cried. But he still hated being picked on.
He new that it was going to be ok because he was leaving in 6 days.

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